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    Default Volvo penta AQ130C(electrical/wiring/alternator) Help Please!

    Working on a Taylor 65 ,which I can find little about! It has a volvo AQ130C engine with a 270 outdrive unit for propulsion.The alternator appears to be contributing nothing according to the volt meter on the panel.The tacho ,oil guage,and what looks like an engine hours meter ,do not function,although the temp,and fuel guages do!
    I am struggling to obtain a wiring diagram for the engine or the boat so as to attempt to remedy.The local Volvo dealers had little to help,and had difficulty finding information other than the cost and availability of parts.

    Has anyone any information on either the engine , boat or both which may be of help please !? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    Default Manual and Wiring Diagram here

    You can download the Manual which contains the wiring diagram
    just type AQ130C in the box titled "Engine Type"

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    Default Re: Volvo penta AQ130C(electrical/wiring/alternator) Help Please!

    I had similiar problems on a AQ 130 c engine fitted to my princess 25 ie the rev counter and temp guages not working. Turned out to be the 8 way multi connector in the engine compatment at fault bad connections and short circuiting Etc.
    Try keypart 01923 276000 for the workshop manuel.
    Put a voltmeter across the battery and start the engine and see if the voltage increases.

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    Default Re: Manual and Wiring Diagram here

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    Default Re: Volvo penta AQ130C(electrical/wiring/alternator) Help Please!

    2 different makes were fitted to those engines. What one have you got? The most common was the Bosch


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