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    Default Connaught Rooms Thursday 17th May

    I'm not wanting to worry anyone but I was at a conference yesterday at the Connaught Rooms which is but a henspit away fae the Prince of Wales.
    Sauntering round there at 09:00 hrs I noticed a large removal van and a lady who looked awfy like Mrs TCM ushering chappies and urging them to be careful - especially with the little lights on the white thingy - the words "Thats it then - lets get out of here" were clearly to be heard as the final item was loaded and the removal van doors slammed shut - they raced away at a fair lick and the aformentioned lassie, bearing the resemblance as outlined above had a look of what could only be described as happy triumph - as had the distinguished looking gent whose arm she clung to.....

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    Default Re: Connaught Rooms Thursday 17th May

    Thanks - I'd never thought of myself as distinguished looking. He can have the lights on the white thingy back as soon as I figure out how to make a copy in my new shed


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