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    Default Friday 18th May Update

    Friday 18th May, 8am local 8am BST

    45deg 12N 13deg 17.9W, motorsailing 8 knots, cog59T, wind 14knots.

    Barometer has fallen to 1021, 4mb in 8 hours so the wind is on its way. The forecast is for a veering wind for the rest of the trip, so we've moved our intermediate waypoints north to increase ground speed and get north of destination target - for Sunday we can then turn southwards and still make desination even if the wind clocks round further to eventually come from the east. Or that's the theory.

    We still have engine on to make those waypoints (where ships cross our path) in daylight - engine off and we'd get there in the dark. Actually, heh, we get there a bit late at the moment but speed should be increasing soon. At least we're only on the one engine so we should be fine for fuel. But we'll have to creep around the foredeck with those jerrycans sometime this morning though.

    Not much else to report, and certainly nothing about LJS and me getting beaten at Bridge yesterday. But we made up for the defeat by winning at pwc's "Who's In the Bag?" sort of chirades game, far more serious and challenging than Bridge as I'm sure anyone would agree.

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    Default Re: Friday 18th May Update

    [ QUOTE ]
    We still have engine on to make those waypoints

    [/ QUOTE ] Has there actually been any sailing on this trip yet?

    - W

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    Default Re: Friday 18th May Update

    My own thoughts entirely.

    More like a cruise than a sail, I'll bet they have a flunky stashed away somewhere who serves them port and cigars after the ladies have retired.
    "The best are indifferent, the worst are passionate advocates" WB Yeats

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    Default Re: Friday 18th May Update

    Powerboat philosophy.
    We've got to make the waypoint in daylight - shove the throttle to the stops.

    Sailing philosophy.
    We've got to make the waypoint in daylight - so slow down and stooge along for a few hours so we get there next day.
    Next time, it'll all be different.


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