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Thread: Volvo TAMD 70E

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    Default Volvo TAMD 70E

    I'm looking to buy a Princess 415 fitted with Volvo TAMD70E engines but I can't find much information about them.

    Does anyone have any experience with these engines? Are there any known faults? What is fuel consumption like? Are spare parts still available? Would they give enough power in a Princess 415?

    I hope someone can help!


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    Default Re: Volvo TAMD 70E

    I would be very suprised if these are the original engines.
    I have never seen a 415 with this engine installed, the 70E were fitted to the early P45s and are about 306 hp, so should go reasonably well if they are in good condition, as the power output is claimed to be the same as the later TAMD61A which was fitted to some later 415s.

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    Default Re: Volvo TAMD 70E

    We've got the Tamd70C's here rated at about 300hp apparently.

    The parts are cheap and Crossland pattern filters are available. I haven't had to find anything other than service parts so far.

    My fuel consumption is between 12 - 19 gallons per hour in total.

    We get 20 knots out of our 19 tonne 46 foot Powles. The 415 I don't know weight of, however it wouldn't surprise me if you got another 4 knots or so on top.

    I'm not technical, but I can service mine if I have to LOL. The only thing I'm aware of being a little unusual is the timing-this is according to my volvo trained marine engineer!
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    Default Re: Volvo TAMD 70E

    Hi be very carefull with these old engines as the heat exchangers and intercoolers will be at the end of there service life by now, and are very costly to buy if they cannot be repaired, the basic 7 litre block is ok and revs flat out at 2600, its not as stressed as the 61a 306 hp engine at 5.5 litres, however the best 415 / engine combination is the 71a/b version at 357/380 hp, expect 32/33 knots flat out with these.

    I presume its a very cheap boat with these in ? as it will be an early version, princess 45 had these in when first launched in the mid 80s.

    I would personally go for a newer boat if the funds permit as the engines will be a lot more desireable and will give better reliablity in the long run, they also did some 415s with the cat 3208 375 engine, good for 30k plus.

    Watch out for osmosis if its been in the med, and the interior linings and woodwork my need some tlc now which isnt cheap unless your handy.

    I have worked on 415s so watch out for broken engine mounts on volvo, exhaust elbow probs and rusty tanks as they were mild steel at this age.


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