Also a letter I received via email from Glenis Willmott MEP:

Our Ref: PC/WALT01007/01070674
29 June 2007

Dear Christopher

Thank you for your e-mail concerning the derogation of red diesel for use by private leisure boats in the UK.
Like you, I was extremely disappointed to learn of the Commissionís refusal to agree to the British Governmentís application to have the derogation extended beyond the expiry of 31st December 2006. I believe that the decision is wrong and I know that my labour colleague Michael Cashman MEP has written to the Commission with a request that this issue be reconsidered.
The UK Government put forward a strong and rigorous case to have the derogation extended. The British marine industry contributes billions of pounds to the UK tourist industry and hundreds of millions of pounds in tax revenue. It also supports tens of thousands of jobs in tourism. It is not in the interests of the British Government, her people or her marine and tourist industries for the derogation to end. You can find further details of the case put forward by the UK Government, together with the Commission's reasons for refusal at
The UK originally agreed to the principle of scrapping red diesel for private leisure boats back in 1996. Although derogation was negotiated, the then Government of the day failed to outline in strong enough terms why the derogation was necessary. This certainly weakened the current Government's case, which has demonstrated its commitment to investment and regeneration.
Having said that, I still believe that the reasons presented to the Commission by the Government remain valid ones and Labour MEPs will continue to work with representatives of the leisure boat industry in the hope of seeing this issue brought to a satisfactory resolution.
Best wishes

Glenis Willmott MEP