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    Default Blue or White hull for med cruising?

    We have a Nic 32 in the med that we are we are about to respray. The top sides are currently dark blue which we like but wonder if this colour is practical? We have been told that it may retain the heat??? Making night times uncomfortably hot? Would appreciate any opinions or advice.

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    Default Re: Blue or White hull for med cruising?

    Stay with the Blue. When it comes to absorbing heat, the dark colour will be worse, but very little sunlight falls on the topsides of your hull so this it not much of a concern.

    When it comes to radiating heat at night, a dark surface is BETTER at cooling than a light surface.

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    Default Quite agree...but

    The same doesn't apply to decks. I expect a classic like yours has teak but if it's panted, only the very lightest of colours will do, regardless of the glare factor.

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    Default Stay the same colour but not because of the heat

    The darker the colour the more heat it will absorb, the lighter the colour the more heat it will reflect. So cruising in warm climates such as the Med light colour hulls will reflect a more heat and keep the hull cooler (particularly important if you have a wooden hull).
    The only reason I would not paint a boat a different colour to the gel coat is that any scratch for abrasion will show up like a neon sign, shouting look what the idiots done.

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    Default Re: Blue or White hull for med cruising?

    Are there any alternatives to blue or white? You may decide upon a pale colour to reflect the heat but this also reflects the light, a colour other than white is easier on the eye.

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    Default Re: Blue or White hull for med cruising?

    I live in Greece and have a white boat. A friend has the same boat in blue. For the problem of heat alone, I would never, never have blue, but that is not all; my friend has to respray regularly every few years because the blue fades due to the effect of the sun and the salt. If its practical to respray in white, I would do so

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    Default Re: Blue or White hull for med cruising?

    I think white is the best colour. It is good for the heat. I have never heard that the blue colour "cools quicker". It is a question of reflecting the sun so as not to let its heat infiltrate. However, there is a distinct advantage of the colour white: which is that it also reflects the light at evening time and at night. I have seen so many idiots without any lights and running fast in dark in their powered dinghies or powerboats. The more the visibility you have better it is for your safety. Good spraying...


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