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Thread: Acute illness

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    Just help me get to the start line and I will follow you all over with antibiotics, pain killers, scalpel, splints, suppositories and what ever else you fancy! No Captain's Medical Certificate, but I do have an Advanced Life Support Instructor cert', a couple of medical degrees and 25 years doing the sick! How is that for an encouragement to bring me along? And I will wash my hands!
    We wunt be druv!

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    In france there is a medical course for isolated situation dedicated to round the world sailing...
    It takes a week end and learns you how to act as the "hand" and "eyes" of the doctor. It also provides you with a list of medecine you may carry and use only under the distant doctor instruction. You also learn to use snapples, steristrip...
    I followed it and it gives you confidence for medical issues.
    there is also in Toulouse at hospital a specialised service for distant medecine. You may connect them through the coastguards (CROSS) in french of course.
    For appendicite issue exemple, a racer had an attack during a transatlantic race. he was treated with massive antibiotics and refused to be rescued because he wanted to finish the race. he was treated after he arrived.
    If you don't have such a course in GBland, I could provide a contact. The doctor that provided the course may speek english.
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    Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire complique ?

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