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    Default Moving to South of France

    Can anyone recommend a company to transport my 35ft boat to the South of France overland .I'd love to take it myself but being new to motor boating and only recently qualified I'd be a bit worried (to say the least)going the sea and canal route.

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    Default Re: Moving to South of France

    I can understand the worry of crossing the channel, but I did a canal trip across Sweden in my youth and it was fantastic. Still very fond memories from it.

    Maybe you could get help to cross over and then go down south on the canal.
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    Default Re: Moving to South of France

    It might help if you could indicate where the boat is based. There are many good hauliers who could do the job, but they tend to be regionally based.

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    Default Re: Moving to South of France

    have a quick look at my web site - sailing - lorry option - the French move their boat by lorry a lot more than the Brits for some reason.....
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    Default Re: Moving to South of France

    How about sharing the load? I'll help you over the channel and through the canals down south. Drop me a line if you'd like to meet up to discuss!


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