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    Default Polyurethane glue removal

    I tried to glue a small fitting onto the moulded non-slip of my GRP boat (silly, I know). It stuck for a while then came off leaving the (brown) glue as a residue firmly attached to the non-slip. Any suggestions on how to remove the glue without damaging the non-slip would be welcomed.

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    Default Re: Polyurethane glue removal

    I've used Balcotan before, the suppliers say it is 'resistant to many organic solvents' and heat 'up to 200C'. When set you can remove it by sanding or a sharp scraper, it's easier than epoxy.
    Exposed surfaces are degraded by UV, so if you aren't in any rush you could try sanding it off a little at a time as the exposed surface breaks down??
    I don't know if there is much variation in these types of glue.

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    Default Re: Polyurethane glue removal

    Small sharp chisel, reverse side up, hand held and much care .... or scrap it off with a small flat bladed screwdriver... less_to_no care required as the screwdriver will be blunt!!!

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    Default Re: Polyurethane glue removal

    Try a bit of Acetone on it? Seems to remove most gunk.
    Next time, it'll all be different.


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