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    Default Help - broken Tiller

    Trying to sail to Yarmouth en route to Cherbourg and the tiller has split at the end. I've got a Hunter Ranger 265. Does anyone know somewhere in the Hamble area where I can get a quick repair/replacement done? Would like to sail again by the end of tomorrow - meant to be taking family to Cherbourg for our holiday.
    Thanks very much.

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    Default Re: Help - broken Tiller

    Is it wood?

    Can you splice/glue/bind it?

    We repaired ours this way many years ago and it is still sound as a bell.
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    Default Re: Help - broken Tiller

    Epoxy Glue and bind it with thin twine .. Its how the use to repair chair legs but they used water based glue .. Twine helps hold it all together .. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Help - broken Tiller

    Clean the mating areas and glue with fast curing Araldite.Bind with twine or stout tape.Once cured protect from sunlight with varnish or paint.It''ll last forever.

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    Default Re: Help - broken Tiller

    My previous boat was a Hunter 265 and purchased from Hunter's retail outlet on the Hamble (forget exactly where, nor sure if still operate from there since being taken over)


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