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    Default yacht maintenance

    Our boat is being treated to going to a boat yard for work to be done (in the past i have done it all myself) She is having mods done to the rudder but what else is a horrible job that could be done while she is there? I was thinking maybe cutlass bearing and heads plumbing / seacocks?

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    Scraping off antifoul rates as a "horrible job" in my book!

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    Make sure all skin fittings are metal not plastic which could be sheared off with surface wood!
    Fit new seacocks if necassary and pipework.
    Re-new cutless bearing stuffing box.
    Remember the less holes below the water the better, remove paddle logs and sounder senders. fit through the hull type.
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    Make sure you get the price before authorising work.....unless of course you've recently won the lottery.
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