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    Default CopperCoat or Ecosea

    Does anyone have any first-hand experience of these?

    I am well aware that several forum members have tried mixing copper into conventional antifouling. However I am interested in the additional performance benefits that CopperCoat claim.

    Very interesting claim if true, but I am sceptical about everything and would be interested in hearing of first-hand experiences.

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    Default Re: CopperCoat or Ecosea

    Coppercoat worked really well on my last boat for 8 years and I was very happy with it.

    Had a look at your link to the Coppercoat website and I can't imagine the Sunseeker quote would be made up - it would be simple enough to check!

    Dont have first hand experience of Ecosea but the article on it by Dick Durham in feb Yachting Monthly was pretty damning to say the least!

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    Default Re: CopperCoat or Ecosea

    I have seen on many occasions both of these after 12 months in the water. heavily fouled.

    Personally i would not use them preferring a high performance antifouling and a mid season lscrub.

    You will need more than a mid season scrub form the two products you mention.

    Just look at the economics of the price for all of these and stick to antifouling.

    I use eroding water based optima and it works well in the CI.

    If it seems too good to be true it generally is!

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    Default Re: CopperCoat or Ecosea

    Wow, if I could save 20 gallons of fuel per hour I could start off with a half full tank and arrive with it overflowing!

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    Default Re: CopperCoat or Ecosea

    Also think it depends on the water temperature - some friends of mine did the last Blue Water Rally after ecosea treatment and once into warm water allegedly had to clean their hull every 3 months at least, plus a dive in the red sea tio clear long fronds of weed
    ...... cheque, please.

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    Default Re: CopperCoat or Ecosea

    I coppercoated my boat last year and so far have been impressed with it. I spent about half hour in the water last weekend with a wire sponge removing a thin layer of slime from the bits of the hull exposed to direct sunlight, apart from that no other growth.

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    Default Re: CopperCoat or Ecosea

    In the July MBM the Lissen 339 test used chlorine-rubber, but that is a displacement hull. Is that stuff any good.

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    Default Re: CopperCoat or Ecosea

    i had my boat coppercoated,excellent in cardiff,portugal ,a small easily scrubbed of amount of slime in 4 in the med and fronds growing on it,tho to be fair i think it needed a bit more scrubbing to expose the copper,my next job,but so far cold waters good warm waters not so sure, if you are thinking of the med i would advise finding out what the locals use,hempel in my case


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