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    Default which gas bottles

    We move on board soon and will be living aboard full time. At the moment the boat has butane in silver bottles which can only be got old of at a local garage which is to far to walk to and i'm told taxi's and bus's wont let you travell with gas bottles. This seems a real hassle and camping gas is readly available from local outfits. Am i right in thinking that this is likely to be the case all over the med so its worth the trouble and expense of changing?

    Boats is almerima and we intend to spend next year or two round the med.

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    Yes, the silver ones are not delivered to Almerimar, but the orange Repsol ones are. Someone might give you a lift - do you know anyone? I am here at the moment, if you PM me your details I'll see if I have any ideas (I don't have a car right now or I'd give you a lift).

    These big bottles last about 6 months of liveaboard and cost around 12 Euros. The tiny Camping Gaz last 10 days and cost around the same? I keep two Camping Gaz as emergency bottles as I only keep one big one. If we move out of Spain, into Italy, for example, I'll get a large Italian one.

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    When we started our live abrd life 1 of the things we have had to deal with is sereral different types of gas mix and valves, when ever we could get the refills we needed we would get enough gas for several months (30/40kg).
    When we cant find appropriate gas refills we buy the local stuff, regs n all.
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    If you leave Spain you may have difficulty getting Repsol bottles refilled. If you are going to be cruising, Camping Gaz is the way to go. A 3kg bottle lasts two to three weeks. We carry four and didnt have much trouble getting them refilled or exchanged anywhere we stopped in Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Greece or Turkey.


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