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    Default Are French fishermen really dumping old nets overboard ?

    If there is any truth that even a few French are deliberately dumping nets overboard then the French should be caught and made to answer.

    It is rumoured French fishermen get paid by central government for lost nets at sea which may encourage some to dump old nets overboard and claim for a new one.

    Is there a way under the freedom of information act to access the names of the boats who have claimed for a new net, the date the net was lost and then cross reference it to the declared catch of that boat.
    If the net was really lost by accident then the boat should not have landed the full quota !

    If there is a regular incidence of boats landing with full quotas and loosing their nets on the same day then the rumours need further investigation.

    Why cant nets be made out of sisal as they used to be so any lost rot away after a few years ?

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    Default Re: Are French fishermen really dumping old nets overboard ?

    There's people that play at sea and people that work there, the workers in general spend far more time afloat than people going out to play so it does not make any sense that they would put themselves in more danger than they already have to endure.

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    Default Re: Are French fishermen really dumping old nets overboard ?

    We cruise on the North Brittany coast and around the channel Islands. I have seen on several occasions whole tangle nets. gill nets a trawlnet.empty 25litee oil cans and god only knows howmany pot markers with floating rope attached. You may moan all you like and tell who you like about this but in the end it down to the morals of the skippers. If they see the oceans as a sorce of income and only that they dont care. Sisal is no longer used as it is much more expensive than modern fibres and not as efficient. Although it may be ilegal my attidude to the problem is if you see a danger you have a responsability to other sea going people to remove the danger. while on this point why dont container makers put a simple hydrostatic vent in them which would sink them straight away when lost overboard reason: COST so look out the big money people will kill you one day


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