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    They just rang me as I must have missed their reminder e-mail amongst the 100 odd spam I get every day.

    They told me the premium and asked if the boat was still the same replacement value. I said it should be reduced by 4,000 as they were still using the value from four years ago.

    They re-calculated and came up with a figure 1.12 more than the first premium. So we agreed to keep the boat value 'as new' as it was 1.12 cheaper.

    I am in the wrong business.

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    A resoundingly classic example of how business seems to be conducted these days--maybe I should try it? Could be the way forward to my Camargue 50

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    Next year I won't leave it too late and I will try to get some more quotes as my faith in Craftinsure has just taken a knock.

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    I wonder if it's like car insurance:

    last year Janets Churchill renewal came through at 550. Got a few web quotes all around 425. Did an anonymous one with Churchill using same details - 325.

    Called them to ask what the score was - first guy said just do a new policy on line, but you will lose the continuity, (but not the no claims), whatever that is, then let us know what you have done.

    Did it online, called them up.... this guy said he could have done it over the phone without a new policy number - WTF???

    May be worth doing a phoney quote on line with Craftsure as well as definitely getting some comparables.

    The insurance industry are a bloody shower - just like the banks - Brand New Customers Only??
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    I had exactly the same issue 2 years running with Zurich on both mine and Madam's car....second time I told them (in my best Punjabi English, as it was a call centre [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] ) that if they expected me to apply on-line, I would do so, but with another company!!!
    Now with Direct-Line.....guaranteed same renewal price on-line as on phone and UK call centre!)
    Want one...

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    My renewal email just arrived from craftinsure. Thought I'd check around, Bishop Skinner first, partly as they've had good reports from this arena, and they were 18 cheaper with better cover. (standard excess on stern gear and marina benefits). Nice long proposal form to complete now.....

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    Yep same here. Have been with Craftinsure for 4 years - this year they are more expensive than anyone (apart from GJW).

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    Some policies are written on an agreed value basis

    if you cover your boat for the price paid and it sinks , thats the price you get, so there is a good argument for maintaining the sum insured.

    Others pay what they feel it is worth no matter how much you cover it for which can cause delays with claims settlements as you argue !

    might be worth checking out when looking for a bargain.

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    Two years ago I returned from a 3 week cruise to find my house insurance renewal letter. My home insurance had run out the day before we got home.

    I phoned up in a panic to renew. They said I could not renew as my policy had expired, I could only take out a new policy.

    After the expected discussion I calmed down and asked for a new policy quote, my details still all being on file, they quickly told me it would be 32 cheaper than the renewal quote.

    When I queried this I was told that the new quote contained the standard 10% new customer discount?????

    Should I end and restart insurance every year?
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    Every year, the AA sends me a renewal that is way above the "new member special offer" that is running.

    Every year, we have the same discussion, which is along the lines of "I'm prepared to renew at the new member rate, but not anything more, as that would amount to a disloyalty discount, which is silly, being as I hardly ever use your services".

    Every year, something different happens. Sometimes they cave in immediately. Sometimes, I end up getting transferred to a supervisor, who caves in. Sometimes I get disconnected, and just give up. Sometimes I let the membership lapse for one day and re-apply.

    Every year, I keep wondering why I stay with the AA and don't just defect to Green Flag. Maybe next year I will.



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