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    IMHO try all three combinations ie both then red then blue and see which gives you best reception. (if it works )

    The reason I say if it works is that maybe the original aerial is made to a specific size and length as nonmally I believe they are "tuned" to the device.

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    Great idea. Mine goes inside this winter. Less chance of people swinging themselves aboard by grabbing it, as well.

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    my antenna was the tubey thing also and it also got full of water. Dried it out carefully with a hairdrier then sprayed the whole thing with circuit board lacquer and it all worked fine.

    The connection however, is a 50ohm co-ax which also carries the d.c. for the active antenna. I used RG58 but put a 75ohm TV plug at the receiver so I'm a little amazed it works!!!! but it does.
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    I've a navtex target receiver without an antenna. May I use a other antenna. What's inside the original active antenna from nasa ? Are there diagrams to find from the circuit inside the antenna? regards

    Marc (Belgium)

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