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    Default A couple of recent rips out of Poole: (pics)

    A couple of Fridays ago took the day off to see the Red Arrows 'perform' off Bournemouth Pier. Very Spectacular with a good turn out of boats.

    Whilst it was not too congested a chap still managed to drop his anchor to the starboard of our own and drift accross until he was along side our port with his anchor chain dragging across under my keel.
    He did not seem to sure what to do, his poor wife looked like she just wanted to go home, and in the middle of it all, with his bow heaving in the waves within inches of our stern we heard his daughter "Daddy, I feel sick...." Nice timing kid!
    Anyway, we got him extracted from us and off he went.
    Anyway, do not worry Aquaholic of Brixham, no damage done, but you coud have left your details incase there had been!!!!!
    Anyway, after two days spent between Studland and Swanage we decided to go further a field on Monday so headed west.
    Now I am always a little wary of the Jurassic Coast and its rips but with light southerly winds I thought it would be OK, which it was but still lumpier in places than expected. I certainly would not fancy the trip in rougher weather. With the tide on the ebb there was a race off all the headlands, but on the way back on a rising tide with the stream reversed only one remained off St Aldhelms and that seemed quite violent.
    Anyway, after passing Kimmeridge Bay where the usually conspic Clavel Tower is missing as they are moving it to stop it falling into the sea, we reached Chapmans Pool where we stayed for a few hours before heading here:

    Yes, Lulworth Cove which magically appears in a gap in the cliffs. A quick pint at a bar where they would accept five mackeral for a pint, with other rates of exchange for other fish.
    As we had no fish we paid the usual way and then went to Durdle Door and took advantage of the calm conditions to take a shot from an unusual angle!

    We had a great trip back and was greeted by the sun setting in Poole Harbour.

    Happy Days [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: A couple of recent rips out of Poole: (pics)

    Lovely pics, heres hoping for an indian summer [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
    See the rainbow not the rain

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    Default Re: A couple of recent rips out of Poole: (pics)

    Fanatastic, hoping to get round to the south coast next summer and would love to spend a night in lulworth cove. Are you able to anchor there or pick up a bouy? A Contest 33 Restoration project

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    Default Re: A couple of recent rips out of Poole: (pics)

    Absolutely Great photos. Really shows how the UK has some great places.

    me jealoous.....nnnooooo

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    Default Re: A couple of recent rips out of Poole: (pics)

    There are no buoys for visitors, but you can anchor there. Holding is patchy so make sure you're well dug in.

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    Default Re: A couple of recent rips out of Poole: (pics)

    No-one "tombstoning" off the Door then?
    Boaty junk clogging up your shed or lockers? Chuck it in

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    Default Re: A couple of recent rips out of Poole: (pics)

    I've dived in Lulworth Cove and I would definatley use a tripping line on my anchor as there is a lot of **** on the bottom that could snag an anchor... cheers Iain


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