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Thread: Vetus or Yanmar

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    I agree - take a look at Beta. We are delighted with ours. They are very helpful (pre and post purchase) and can make changes at the build stage that may help with the installation. Also well priced.

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    I had a yanmar 29 hp, on my Bruce Robrerts; more expensive but probably the best; very light and easy to install
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    Thank's flor your opinnions and comments. Beta engines are not really well known in Finland so they will be out.
    Of Vetus and Yanmar the latter is now becoming the first choise, only have to wait for the prices of installations. The good reputation of Yanmar and the fact that the local workshop in our village is a dealer for Yanmar are speaking for it.
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    I was so happy to rip out the old vetus and replace with a yanmar. The vetus when running was a nice smooth motor, but the defining part of that sentence was when running.

    Too many things to go wrong in my opinion, for an auxiliary engine I want an agricultural lump, no electric stop buttons, no heaters, no heat exchanger that rots and costs more to replace than half a new yanmar engine!

    I would not have another.

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    I'm new to this forum but feel obliged to add my two-pennyw'th.
    Helina, if you are staying in Finland, then ok. If you plan to venture across and down into New Zealand waters or the Pacific, and provided you don’t need Yanmar’s support, then ok. However, if you are concerned about after sales support from Yanmar in this part of the world – just forget it! And don’t believe Yanmar’s mission statement… "Your satisfaction and goodwill are important to us and to your dealer"- it’s farcical !
    I have now been out of commission for over 4 months, due to finding an ‘O’ring assembled incorrectly from manufacture, which caused corrosion in the heat exchanger. I had to consider taking legal action to extract any sort of response from them. Even now, after 4 months, I have found them appalling to deal with – unhelpful, disinterested, and downright rude (and I have heard similar complaints from others). Mine is becoming a long story but after resorting to the CEO here in NZ and him making statements like “Our offer is final. Take it or leave it” one has to question whether choosing Yanmar was a sensible choice. I have tried contacting the overseas head office for this area and not even had the courtesy of a reply. One thing is certain – a bad word sure goes a long way in boating circles, yet Yanmar seem to be oblivious (or unconcerned?). Fortunately I have documented everything – one day I’m going to write a book!

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