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    Default Re: LED replacement Bulbs

    Please don't waste you money, or your life, on LED replacement bulbs.

    I have posted many times on the illegal and false marketing of these bulbs. There is NO replacement LED bulb that is equivalent to a 25W bulb. There is also NO replacement that meets the current colour requirements. There is NO replacement bulb that meets the sector requirements.

    The simple truth is that most are only equivalent to a small festoon light. When you look at them from close quarters they look bright because of the point source nature.

    I also stated that I would not work on any boat that uses LED replacement bulbs as the owners obviously does not have any care for others. Working on a persons boat requires a certain level of trust.

    In technology terms the LED light is OK but needs mounting in a sealed environment which normal lights can not give. The Light to power is better than filament bulbs but worse than fluorescent. However when you factor in the power supply regulation needed they are a lot worse in reliability and power. Quoting the diode life times as opposed to the whole bulb reliability is one part of the con. When you see them using small fractions of the power that is because they are producing small fractions of the light output. Please do not be conned by these people.

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    Default Re: LED replacement Bulbs

    There are a few ranges of LED fittings that are recommended and approved but there are also ones that are not approved. Looking at teh show, I observed these under bright conditions and they do seem better than the festoon type. The RYA will be reviwing LED bulbs in their next isse for winter07 so I'll look forward to that.

    Of course the price of these LEDs is a complete ripoff compared with normal nav lights and not worth the money IMHO.

    BTW. there is a great review of passive radar reflectors on the RYA website. Indespensible read.

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    Default Re: LED replacement Bulbs

    Thanks for all your replies. The company I ordered from - UltraLeds have now refused to replace them and have given me an immediate refund, stating that they are too busy to deal with me!!
    I think I may stay with normal filament bulbs for now and see what the RYA report states.


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    There might be "LED fitting" approved but I only referred to LED replacement bulbs. The approved fittings are sealed and have much higher current draw than the bulbs referred to here.

    As for seeing the difference in light output, your eye can not see it unless you are about 1 mile away. The point source nature of the light overloads you retina and it just looks bright. The point source vs. long filament nature is removed at distances of 200m or more. The brightness overload is much further. The eye only really sees differences. The absolutes are reconstructed by the brain. Once the different to the background is above a certain amount then you can not tell.

    I look forward to the review by the RYA!!

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