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    Default Re: AFoul - Micron Extra / Interspeed Ultra

    Reason I chose Blakes was because it worked so well on our last boat up at Emsworth.
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    Default Re: AFoul - Micron Extra / Interspeed Ultra

    Micron extra for the last few years - this year the growth is worse that ever before. No change in use pattern - just more slime and weed.

    I avoid scrubbing as this tends to remove the a/f. If I wasn't coming out in November I would have to scrub off.

    edit: Sorry, should say this is on a swinging mooring in Portsmouth.
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    Default Re: AFoul - Micron Extra / Interspeed Ultra

    A friend used Micron on the Roach a couple fo years ago and it was useless. He complained and got their "industrial" strength stuff for this year... Just as bad. Gladys has Seajet Shogun on, and isn't good, but she didn't turn a wheel from March to end June in Fox's Marina at Ipswich.
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    Default Re: AFoul - Micron Extra / Interspeed Ultra

    Use Micron every two years. Sail NI and SW Scotland. No probs this year that washdown doesn't clear. Know of others who use Micron in same area with similar good results. Ron


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