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    Default Re: Lightest outboard for 23er

    Even with a decent 5hp, I'll need to arrange some sort of tripple purchase lifting gear on the end of the boom to get the thing lifted, but even then, I am unsure how I am going to get it down into the saloon.

    If anyone has made such an arrangement in the past, then any knowledge you can pass on would be gratefully received.

    On our Hunter 707 we have a small 2.5hp job with a storage mould in the cockpit floor, but despite being similiar in length, the 707 is much lighter.

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    Default Re: Lightest outboard for 23er

    [ QUOTE ]
    You'd get a much better power to weight ratio with a 2 stroke and it wouldn't matter which way up you put it.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Goes much better with the whirly bit at the bottom, though [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    (I know what you meant....)

    To continue:

    Engine power needed depends on how much tide / sea you want to punch, though. We've got 8HP in a well on a 22' er, and it's only just enough to get into / out of Conwy against a spring tide.

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    My Snap 23 had a Merc. 7.5 sailpower job .... but that was heavy having the reduction g/box for sailboat.

    If its' only as get to mooring / start area and you don't intend punching weather / tide etc. - then 5HP should be enough ... before the Merc. I had a Yam 5B ... air-cooled and I mean light ! It ushed her fine ... but then I was offered the Merc. - price was a steal ... sold the Yam to a guy who had been pushing me for ages to sell to him !

    IMHO 5HP 2 stroker ... OK - you'll have to search old stock for new ... or buy a second-hand one ... but worth it ....

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    Default Re: Lightest outboard for 23er

    I use a Yam 5hp 2 stroke on my Anderson 22, seems about right, and easy to get out of the well and lay in the locker. Also being 2/S you can lay on either side.


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    Yep .... apart from lack of new ones nopw - can't really see reason to go all excited about 4 strokers !!

    I have 3 x 2 strokers ... simple ... they work ... lay down as you want ... pollution ? Compared to what ? I reckon more pollution from so many other things in the world - the tiny bit my o/boards MAY do .. I don't believe can be that significant to a 4st.

    In Bembridge few weeks back ... guy was in a dinghy and the 4st he had on it was LOUD !! Just few min's after a small 2st followed ... nowhere near as loud .... and I bet he had less hassle lifting it on / off etc. !!

    Would also add that many outboard wells were designed with 2 st'rs in mind !! So you may have trouble getting that larger head / cover 4 st'r in !!

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    Default Re: Lightest outboard for 23er

    Hi Ian we did have a Yam 5 2 stroke on our Anderson22 which was light ,plenty of power and fitted in the locker. Changed to a Suzuki 4 stroke 4 hp partly because my kids hated the high pitch 2 stroke engine noise and also we wanted a motor with a charging coil.Had to modify the cockpit lockrer to fit it in and keep it vertical.

    Both motors had plenty of power for the boat .The Suzuki has more low speed manouvering speed than the Yam. Personally I wouldnt consider a motor bigger than 6 hp for an easilly driven 23 footer.

    I built this stowage position for the outboard so it can be lifted out of the well without having to lug it down below where it gets in the way .

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