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    Default Sigma 38 new engine

    Thinking of replacing my raw water cooled 28hp VP2003 (recent injector seating problems, gearbox goes forward/backward but not neutral & quite frankly I don't trust it anymore) with a Beta. It looks like the 37.5hp Beta 1505 will fit as well as the equivilant 28hp Beta. I know there will be replacements needed for water supply, exhaust, propellor (I have a 2 bladed folding worn out vibrating prop)etc, but wonder if any forumites have gone through this exercise for a Sigma 38 (indeed for any new engine) & would share pitfalls etc. Any views would be gratefully received. I have searched previous threads. Thanks

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    Default Re: Sigma 38 new engine

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    Default Re: Sigma 38 new engine

    i re-engined 5 yrs ago Nanni 4150 HE, the same engine as the Beta ( but more expensive ) it replaced a Perky 4108 in my Oyster 37,.
    it does everything the perky done but much more quieter. its got more torque for max revs ( 3000 rpm ) i had to adjust the Max prop to a courser pitch to get the revs down to 3000.
    the engine is much lighter than the perky.
    suggest you have the PRM hydraulic box its quieter than the mecanical box & can withstand more abuse, (they are fitted to hire fleets) go for a Maxprop as well.
    have a chat with Jason Hatch
    he is very good
    I may be wrong but not always

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    Default Re: Sigma 38 new engine

    Whichever Beta you decide on (I installed a 28hp 3 years ago), I'd urge you to consider stumping up for the optional poly-vee belt rather than the standard V-belt . The set-up is close to maintenance- and worry-free. Why boat engine manufacturers continue to fit ancilliary drives which were obsolete in other applications decades ago is beyond me.

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    Default Re: Sigma 38 new engine

    re-engined with a Nanni 4150 HE also and very pleased with it, very quiet and was recommended by a guy who runs all his hirefleet on Nanni's and says most reliable for him

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    Default Re: Sigma 38 new engine

    Have you tried the Sigma 38 class association -

    They are very helpful and may be able to put you in contact with someone who has done it.


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