I have a regal 2400 with VP GXi 320 hp engine and DP drive.

It is about 1 year old, was used (25 hrs) in Florida in I am told "brackish water" - now it is used in the Irish Sea off Wales! It is launched from trailer each time we go out, and is washed off and run through each time we return.

Excuse all the photos, but I have some corrosion and a few questions for some of you experienced folks out there.....

1) The top cover is very dirty/corroded - this maybe more dirt as it is under a drain from a locker above.

2) There is quite a bit of corrosion around the VIN plate on the side of the engine!

3) Anode - is it the right material - should it be cleaned/more pitted than this?

4) What are the two plastic things either side of the rear (looking up!)

5) Some of the "stainless steel" under the swim platform are showing rust stains?

Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated - definitive answer on what Anodes I should use - Zinc or Aluminium etc.