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Thread: Steam cleaner

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    When I first go my boat I found it great for cleaning.
    I used one to clean mildew and old flaking paint - great to get into corners and places that elbow grease will not reach - brings the motor up a treat by removing built up grease from hard to get into places.

    Was told one perl of wisdom which has kept mine going strong - that is to remember to put a bit of vasoline or someting similar on the thread of the filling cap or you will only get to use it once - they tend to corode on.

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    You sound knowledgeable about these things and can maybe answer a question. Some years ago I bought a small professional steamer with pressure boiler and wet vacuum cleaner - and a wide range of tools. I think it was 130C or maybe higher but I found that by the time the steam had expanded between the orifice and the work the temperature felt only warm on the hand. Obviously the expansion had caused cooling which had caused the steam to condense, so it was pretty impressive though pretty useless! For that reason I got rid of it at a great loss.

    Did I buy the wrong machine? What sort of machine really does 'steam clean'?

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