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    I don't mind your question. I have been sailing now for about 10 years but as skipper have only clocked up about 2000 miles so far. I recognise that this is at the low end of experience for the circumnavigation but with the rest of next spring and summer to up the sea miles and with the benefit of being with the rally I am confident in being able to cope it. Most of my experience however has been on boats of the coastal cruiser variety and hence my seeking feedback from those more used to boats with offshore capability. I take your point that with a budget your boat is always going to be a compromise but what I am trying to do is to at least get a short list of potentially suitable boats and comments on there pros and cons. I guess what I don't want to do is to travel long distances to see a type of boat I am not familiar with and then once seen it in the flesh realise that it is totally unsuitable.

    Thanks for your reply.



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    Me again. I've found another ideal (IMHO) yacht for BW cruising - a Tradewind 39 with all the kit. If you are interested send for details to, or pm me and i'll forward details, specs and pic.
    Cheers, Duncan

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    Before you sign up ..... may want feedback from someone who has finished a blue water rally. Try this thread (from March 2002 if the link doesn't work)

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    Thanks Duncan, I will email bimba1



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    Thanks will email

    Cheers Steve

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    we were at the seminar too, we're going off on our own rather than with the rally.

    We are just refiting our Westerly Sealord which we think is about perfect and at about your budget. It is like a Corsair but nearly 3' longer and a bit bigger in all other dimentions. The main exrta space is in the quatre berth and the stern cabin, which I think is useful for life aboard.
    There are not many Sealords about they seem to go for £70-£80K. Rember the cost of fitting out for live aboard we have just spent £20K on an already well fitted boat.

    Lastly if you look at Westerly's find out about the state of the co. at the time of build, when Westerly went through some bad times the boats are reputedly not build as well as other years, mid to late 80's boats may well be much better then early 90s.


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    Thanks for the advice. Have looked at an Ocean ranger Also it seems there are a few oceanlords that may fit the bill.


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    Have you thought about a Prout Snowgoose cat ? They must be as well travelled as any and seem to fit your shopping list (obviously not new but you could get something pretty good around £70k and have a good budget for extras or upgrades)


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