i went to norwich today to pick up a seagull out bord that i got off the lovely ebay, and the location were the owner was ,welll lovely.
i askd him would he be seling any mor things on ebay as he is a new comer to it, he replyd yes as the tax on heavey oil is going to finnish my biz of. he hires boats. he told me that £60 pounds worth of diesel will soon cost him £130 or more and as the housing develipers are at his feet for the land it would be in his best intrest to sell.
well that makes me very angry.

some one told me that this all started be cose of some camping mad nuts complaind about not having the same treatment onthe diesel as tax free.
, well if that true or not the blastid goverment dont need to much encaridgment to tax any thing. may i ask if we pay tax will the sea and rivers be cleand up will there be cheaper taxs for the braeds and will the mariners drop the prises ,cos of the port people will drop theres. NO.
sory for the spelling but when im mad im mad. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img]