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    Default J-Prop versus Max-Prop

    I decided to change my fixed blades propeller. The idea is to lessen drag while sailing, get a better handling going astern, but also to improve speed while motoring, through propeller pitch tuning.

    Autoprop is too expensive and I almost decided to go for a max-prop when discovered j-prop, (

    I saw it at Genoa boat show, it is cheaper and apparently well done.

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with this prop, someone who would mind to share it with us ?

    Thank you for any help.


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    Default Re: J-Prop versus Max-Prop

    There was a thread on this subject on 18th Sept., on page 7 I think.Have a look at that.

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    Default Re: J-Prop versus Max-Prop

    Thank you Dan.

    Found the thread you suggested. Confirming my decision to go for a feathering prop. Max-Prop or J-Prop (not very popular apparently) still an issue though !

    Have a nice week-end


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    Default Re: J-Prop versus Max-Prop

    I researched feathering and folding propellers last year to see which was the best for my boat, 37 feet 8.5 tonnes and a Yanmar 37KW engine. I came to the conclusion that feathering probably was the best, and least complicated answer, and was also less expensive than feathering. After further research I fitted a Flex-o-fold, from CJR propellers in southampton, although I believe the propeller is made in Denmark. The propellor was easy to fit and has proved very reliable and trouble free in its first season. I was advised by yanmar to replace the 18" diameter x 13" pitch fixed three bladed with a 17" x 13" folding. There is no loss of speed under power. My sailing performance is improved by at least three quarters of a knot in a freesh breeze. the propeller cost me about £850 as opposed to £1500 for feathering unit.

    Hope this helps

    Chris Stannard
    Chris Stannard

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    Default Re: J-Prop versus Max-Prop

    cant help with comparisons - but I am a happy MaxProp user.

    Just once I felt it didnt feather properly, but thats all.

    When the boat isnt moving you dont get a huge amount of punch (because there is no forward component to pitch the blades). OTOH, a crash stop is phenomenal!

    The lack of punch may just be because we dont have a huge engine (by todays standards) - 80 hp for 28 tonnes displacement.

    The efficiency when motor sailing is astounding - just a few revs over tcikover well up the speed from 5 under sail to 6.5 or so motor sailing, which can be a huge boost when you are chasing a marina closing time, tidal gate, or pub closing...

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    J Prop for sale
    Make offer used 3 seasons on Gulfstar 50 sloop.
    Orig price $3020.00 19 inch 1.5 inch shaft model 83193U125
    Our shaft speed was too slow for this prop and it caused vibrations as the pitch needed to be set high.
    We have a Cummins 65 hp with a 2.10 reduction and operate at 1600 RPM
    Went back to a fixed 4 blade prop
    Perhaps would work well as a twin engine "drag" for a displacment trawler.

    Robert Wittmann Will share in shipping from Maryland
    Prop is in perfect shape and was protected with a cage, however it is not polished as new.

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    I have a J prop for sale.
    19 inches - 1 1/4 inch shaft.
    Used for three seasons on Gulfstar 50 sloop.
    We have a slow turning shaft and needed to pitch the prop higher than normal and it caused some vibration.
    This with a 65 hp Cummins and a 2-10 reduction gear at 1600.
    This vessel will move at 7.5 knots with the J Prop or with the new 4 blade fixed - which is 20x20 again at 1600 rpm

    Bob Wittmann


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