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    Default Re: Interior woodwork??

    thanks for the replys....think that we will have to experiment a little before we fit it all....its a clading that will go over the coach roof and main cabin deckhead as well as down the sides between some bookcase's it needs to be warm,mellow and easy.....the satin sounds good as does the oil/wax especially with a gradual deepening of the present colour which is quite light....the timber is mixed been both slash and quarter sawn so has some very nice flecks and will warrent a little care and patience I think.....thanks again...

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    Default Re: Cockpit table - Varnish?

    18 mths ago I sanded my timber wheel and my cockpit table. I cleaned them right down to bare timber. I used an oil based stain to get the right colour back and left it to dry for abot 2 days. Now this is the amazing part, I then varnished them with an exterior WATER BASED varnish called DWD. It was an experiment that worked and worked well. 18 mths later, no signs of deterioration.Spured on by the success of this project, I decided to varnish, using the same Water based ext varnish, the belay pins and bars (all teak), that was 14 mths ago. One coat and it still shows no signs of deterioration. I only put one coat on because if it failed miserably, there wouldn't be such a big problem removing the varnish.I like the concept of water based varnish on a boat for the obvious convenient reasons.BTW we are based in Morton Bay Queensland where the sun shines about 320 days of the year......

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