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    Hi all

    Wonder if anyone can help here. I am a skipper of a yacht share (40ft Bavaria) but unfortunately my share not available for this period. 9 of us are attending this years Isle of Wight festival and looking for somewhere to sleep thats a step up from camping. All hotels either too expensive or no longer available. So essentially all im after is a boat to sleep 9 people that would remain parked up in East Cowes marina for the weekend. Not looking for new/modern luxury yacht hire here otherwise i would be talking to those charter companies directly. I could pick it up and return it from anywhere mainland Solent area . IOW festival is 13th - 15th June. Believe it or not we are a mature group of indiviuals (hence our lack of desire in camping). Please contact me if you are interested in hiring/chartering a suitable vessel or know of someeone who maybe. Best regards ....Steve C

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    Hotel still cheaper, surely? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
    Scand 32 Atlantic

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    Would Seafin be of any interest? If so give Warwick Bergen a call on +44 (0)20 7264 1020.

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    problem is equally the availability of hotels nearby to the Newport festival site over this weekend.. 9x people x 2 nights is also a very expensive option. Other option here could be (whcih could also make someone hiring their boat an attractive proposition) is that the owner is already moored or moves boat to East Cowes marina and then no issues with charter as the hirer would not be sailing the vessel. If the owner is not using the boat that weekend then its a very good return for no risk (no risk in that I'm happy to pay security deposit on top for instance)....Steve.

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    Thanks, will contact Seafin.


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