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    Default Re: Bargain of the week

    Young boys would of course be holding polishing

    "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul."..........I think????

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    Default Beat this

    Overheard at car boot sale, Punter -' not sure my mate would spend that amount on his boat' Seller- '30 is a very good price and it is new' Punter moves away, yours truly rushes in cash in hand, Prize! one new still boxed Ampair wind generator

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    Default NOBODY can beat this

    Today I got a Ferrari for nothing. Someone had just left it in the gutter with the keys in it, obviously abandoned and unwanted I have brought it home.></A>[/b]


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    Default Re: NOBODY can beat this

    Combination of all those late nights insomnia and wife being away has finally got to you then

    "The Med has got me" (no not the Medway the other Med)

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    Default Re: Bargain of the week

    13.95 @ in our local paper"Kent Messenger"

    And here is the weekend weather..

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