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    Damn, foiled again! That top was my get out clause this weekend and a reason to get the boat out and go off down to the pub. Oh well, I'm sure SWMBO will sort out a few jobs for me.

    Piccys, er. B1 put up the instructions I think, don't think you have to register. Good piccy of your boat that I've got tho, I'll have a go at putting it on there somewhere.

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    Default Re: An Explanation of Life

    could always deliver top - Sunday lunchtime - pub - near water.....
    you are only 20mins or so down the road; however I am not sure of any water/pub - hang on what about the pub on the A22 just north of East Grinstead on a small lake used for water skiing - Wiremill or something? Could do Sat or Sunday lunchtime come to think of it.........

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