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    Default what are all those fish called..

    Can anyone point me to a good website so that I can identify all those lovely fish for sale every morning at the fish market? What I really want is a site with pictures and the fish names in Spanish and English. n the canaries at the moment but somethng med based would be a start. I know the more common ones like caballa and dorada but there are so many more..



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    Default Re: what are all those fish called..

    Not a website but buy this book :

    Alan Davidson Mediterranean Seafood

    “This classic of modern culinary literature is at once a cookery book and a hungry naturalist's guide to the edible marine life of the Mediterranean Sea. First, there is the fully illustrated catalogue of fish and shellfish (not counting the sea slug and the sea anemone), complete with identifications of species in more than a dozen languages; then there follow more than 240 recipes drawn from the author's own experience”

    here for peanuts :;x=0&y=0

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    Default Re: what are all those fish called..

    Hello Paddy

    Try this link. It has versions in various languages so you could look uo your fish in English then select the Espanol page for the translation.

    I had a Skype call from Red yesterday (you recall we had lunch with him in Lagos when you were mid stern gland), he is in Antigua. He had a good crossing in 15 days. He mentioned the fact that his boat was making all sorts of sounds he had not heard it make before when they were runing and rolling in front of the trades. Apparently this is an experience common with those he has spoken to who have made their first crossing. Apparently nothing to worry about but can be un nerving at first. He also mentioned chafe as being a big issue and recommends you take many rolls of gaffer tape to cover up the sharp bits around the boat as you discover them.
    Fair winds my friend.

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    Default Re: what are all those fish called..

    Wanda ???

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    Default Re: what are all those fish called..

    Hi Colin, thanks for that, looks like a good site. I shall download the whole thing next time I'm in wifi zone. (winHTTrack is handy free website downloader if anyone is interested, I've the entire noonsite on hard drive amongst others). So tonight in the grill as we speak (type) one has Boga or Toga the bloke told me it was called. Looks like seabass but slightly different.

    What abour recipes? Any suggestions? This is as far as i've got:
    1. get up, have some breakfast and wander down to the fish market and buy a fish which looks nice, dorada is a regular for me
    2. After having a very relaxing day slash the fish a few times diagonally down both sides, add a bit of olive oil and some lemon juice and stick it in the grill while you pour another glass of wine.
    3. Eat with some salad and a few spuds or whatever is in the galley that particular night.
    Tough life, innit!

    [ QUOTE ]

    , he is in Antigua.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Now why do i feel a bit like the last swallow sitting on a telephone wire when everyone else has migrated? Never mind, at least on this telephone wire the sun shines and there's loads of room 'cos everyone has migrated [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

    Cheers, Colin, I hope the time goes quick until you're back onboard, it's all still here waiting for you.

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    Default Re: what are all those fish called..

    Grilled Dorada is great!very easy with a salad & some cool wine sounds about right

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    Default Re: what are all those fish called..

    angola, in the mist of the troubles, locals working for us desparate for food, paraffin budgie takes a load of them offshore to a production platform where the fishing is easy. naturally they start catching fish to take home for their families. all sorts of makes so moi says to elisu, hey elisu "what do you call this fish? kishushu, says elisu, hmm and what type is this one elisu? kishushu mr stu, hmm and what type is this big rascal elisu? at this point a hint of desperation in elisus eyes as he realises that perhaps us expats have different names for fish, a moments silence as he sorts his mind out then "fekkin big kishushu mr stu!!"


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