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    Default agricultural use?????

    as far as I am aware, tractors and diggers on building sites and like machines all run on red deisel. Are they also going to have to pay this new price for red deisel or are they to be treated differently. If they are and we are still allowed to use red deisel - then can we buy for agricultural use and then put it into our boats. Fortunately I also own a tractor. Anyone know the answer ?

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    Default Yup - already thought of

    Lookie here,
    As been pointed out in various threads the "Oil Police" have already thought of that one. Sellers have to keep records, and if they spot a dodgy person - YOU - and not stop or report you, they'll loose their license.

    If you only need a small quantity at a time, then nobody's going to bother too much, if you use a lot are you going to be bothered to lug lorra, lorra jerry cans around; I think not.

    Easier to go down the domestic exemption route.

    Of course you may enjoy banging you head against a brick wall....

    Instead you could try driving your tractor a helluva lot between now and November 1, and then not using it anymore?
    Got the point?

    Big Brother Gordon has been there before.


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