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    Default velsheda crashes

    i was at oceon village last weekend & could not help but notice that the super yacht had a fairly substantial hole in her starboard bows
    it was starting to be repaired sunday p.m
    any one know how the whole got there?

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    So thats why velsheda was not doing the island Race although she was listed .
    Explains a lot. I was looking forward to seeing her under canvas and was dissapointed cause she was not there!

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    Default Re: velsheda crashes

    I believe that she suffered the damage in heavy seas on her way to So'ton.

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    Default Re: velsheda crashes

    I heard tell a lump of filler (filler? nice work the guys who rebuilt her! still I don't feel so bad about my own boat now...) fell out in the heavy transatlantic seas

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    Default Re: velsheda crashes

    I was moored alongside Velsheda weekend before RTI and talked to the crew. The story is that when built originally the steel hull was covered in filler but the wrong bonding agent was used. Despite two major rebuilds this problem was never addressed but this September she is due at Pendennis for a 6 month refit including taking the hull back to bare metal and refairing appropriately. Supposedly everytime she goes out chunks currently fall off!


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