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    Default Marine maps for tomtom


    I have a Tomtom Go500 that i use in my car. Does anybody know if we can get marine charts on SD card that will work in my tomtom?



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    Default Re: Marine maps for tomtom

    Is your car amphibious? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

    Seriously though, there have been lots of other people who have asked the same but I dont think anyone has really tried it yet. It would be worth looking in the history or searching for it.
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    Default Re: Marine maps for tomtom

    I asked this question recently and got the same answer. Mine included another guy who had asked the same question a few weeks before, you could try a search on my name to see if anything has been added. If you do get a copy I may be able to help you get it working as I now run the software from my broken TomTom on a 50 Navigo unit. It just needed a couple of file names changing.

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    Default Re: Marine maps for tomtom

    I took my tomtom one to sea yesterday, mainly to use it to see how fast I could sail! That result was a bit disappointing (8mph on a screaming reach!) but the interesting thing is that I think I detected a hint of exasperation in the lady's voice when she suggested that I turn around when it was safe to do so. She's normally so unflappable!

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    Default Re: Marine maps for tomtom

    I had mine running on a flight back from Holland, just to see. She had trouble with road names at >500MPH speeds....

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    Default Re: Marine maps for tomtom

    May be we should ask TomTom they may be missing a buisiness opportunity.........................

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    Default Re: Marine maps for tomtom

    Nowhere near robust enough to use at sea. Better off buying a hand held plotter that takes land maps. Was a review last year in YM.

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    Default Re: Marine maps for tomtom

    Or go Garmin... I can use Mapsource or Bluechart on my Quest which is waterproof
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    Default Re: Marine maps for tomtom

    They do a motorcycle version which is (tom tom rider). I use it as my back up on the boat - only for lat/long though would be good to get charts on it.


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