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    Default Toplac Marine Paint??

    I,m a Contessa26 owner from Canada, I understand that Toplac has been available for some time in Europe, it is a new product in NorthAmerica, I'm looking for anyone that has experiance with this product,good or bad, to enlighten me , thinking of painting my topsides, and don't want to get involved in spraying two part poly-urethane, hoping that this might be a good alternative Thanks

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    I have used it on a 31 ft yacht. The initial finish was very good but the owner used it in a canal and it got scuffed very quickly with fenders. I would not use it on my own boat. It tends to be relatively soft. I have had much better results with 2 part polyurethene aither sprayed or pad and brush.

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    I used Toplac on my boat 5 years ago and still looks good. Easy to paint on, and cost effective, preferebly you should put few coats on.

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    I have just painted my 30 ' yacht, the finish is only fair - it has a rollered look about it, as it was too thin to lay off properly, my local boatpainter said he preferred DULUX!!, but also recommended using best quality mohair roller not the foam one, it also needs to be thicker ... I will be leaving mine till next year and will then try Blakes which
    I have seen used by brushing. I think it would be worthwhile getting someone to put on the final coating or two -- I used an orbital sander to flatten the undercoat... this takes several hours using very fine paper

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    I used it this year on grp and found it very difficult to apply (mohair roller). Boatyard doesn't use it for same reason.

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    I have used it this season and found it excellent. Real easy to use. Very good gloss and no problems applying. I brushed it on and then flatted it off with a foam roller -real slow-. Dont worry about the finish at this point it will smooth off. I also found that it will polish if you use a buff.
    I reccomend it Jay Jay

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    No single pack paint is going to be as hard or durable as a two pack polyurethane. The plus for single pack is that it's relatively straightforward to get a passable finish. A two pack is more critical of temp and humidity but the end result, if done properly can be excellent. One of the boats in my marina has just tried a somewhat different and new approach\product from 3M. He painted the boat with two pack poly paint, rollered it on quite thick, and then used an extremely fine sanding\buffing disc and compound to flatten and buff it. I didn''t see him do it, but I have seen the results and you'd be hard pushed to fault it. Don't know too many details, but the system is in the big 3M catalogue. Looks really impressive as good as spraying but without the cost of employing a sprayer and of course you can't really spray successfully outside, so you've then got the added cost of hauling out and renting shed space. Well worth serious consideration. BTW I've used Toplac and as long as it's not on areas that get wear, it's OK but I wouldn't want to use it on decks etc. As another poster said, it's fairly soft, a bit like ordinary household paint but with a marine label so five times the price?


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