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    I have a 44 year old water witch that I sail with my wife or singlehanded, I am very interested in sailing in a jester challenge event, however despite being 30ft loa with davits (they dont do anything just support the back stays)and a bowsprit her loa is 36 ft She is the only boat I can afford and she is in good order, is she still eligible.I,d hate to have to sell her to take part.

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    "The Length Overall (LOA) is the distance from the foremost point to the aftmost point of the yacht on water, not including spars or protruding items attached to the hull, such as bowspirits, flying jib booms, pulpits and helms" taken from
    the FICO web page.
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    See my answer in the first thread. LOA has little to do with the Jester Challenge although Open 60 wouldn't be exactly welcome. Anything over 30 feet needs the agreement of other skippers to participate. I don't believe you would have any trouble at all.
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    I wouldnt have thought anyone would have a problem. My view (although this is my first "Jester experience") is that it is all about self-sufficiency in sailing something vaguely resembling "Jester", and being interested in perhaps just getting there, rather than getting there first. As John says however, time is running short if you are looking at the Azores trip.
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