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    Default Forces ex and serving

    Morning to all, may the sun and winds bring happiness to all whom require.

    In my line we are taught never start with an apology. Well I am looking to leave my line so I will.
    Sorry if this is a bit off or deep for this link, but just a question before I burn the bridges.

    I have done the finances crunched the figures. It is do-able but hey I aint met a problem that aint.

    My question is, are there many ex forces out there in cruiser land?
    I am not looking after staying with the lifestyle I have, just we can be a strange bunch. (I hope thatís why I will fit in with the cruiser lifestyle) we tend to be quite independent, willing to help others and always happy to just chill have a beer and listen to whatever till help is needed/asked for.

    I have had a full career in the forces and now come to the end. This is a big step for me as I am sure it is for others that have taken the leap. (lol I am still double space the full stops) in the little sailing I have been lucky enough to have, I have come across various peeps. And met some really really nice people, and also some others.
    From what I read in the forums the cruiser life is very similar to forces life. Hardship, friendship and commitment. I just hope that I can bring to your party the relevant quals.
    So I suppose my question is any ex forces out there (no matter how ex) who could give a newbie to civvie life a few hints of even a NAAFI boost, (kick up the ass) like I have mentioned the maths work, the will is there, I have wanted to do this for 30 years or so, just the hesitation to cast off the last shore line.
    Think I am so used to the "bar support network" that it scares me to go play in the real world.

    Like I said sorry if this is not the right forum for this fred, but liveaboard is what I aspire to be. So all advice, ditties or just comments would be welcome. Thankyou in advance.

    The sad thing is I look at Stingoís site and it makes me smile. He did it/ does it, not always sunshine but he setís off again. Fair winds to ya if you read this.

    And for those that have done it.. I Salute you, save a space for me at the bar, I will catch you up. (wind and god willing)

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    Default Re: Forces ex and serving

    Welcome Smudge,

    I'm ex Andrew but a long time ex.........left in '80. Semi retired 3 years ago to go cruising but marital strife has me back at work (just to re-finance).

    Boat's in Trinidad, I'm working on the Oil and Gas patch in Tunisia.

    You are right about cruiser life, I know many ex-forces from many countries and the help, humour and friendship is second to none. (Even down to the good humoured wind-ups!) I have ex tiffs, squaddies, Majors and naval Captains amongst my good sailing friends, all of whom are as good as it gets.

    Glad you can join us.

    Prepare to slip and proceed, it's a great world out here.

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    Default Re: Forces ex and serving

    Agree with Nige. I left the Andrew in '74, now over-wintered in Turkey with great ex mob mates. PM sent!
    Good to have you aboard.

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    Default Re: Forces ex and serving

    Hello Smudge,

    I've been cruising since coming out in 1998. My wife died just over a year before I came out, kids grown up, nice house and all the feckin' plans out of the window. Now WTF do I do? Prot man for some fat millionaire? Go on the circuit riding shotgun for some civvy firm in sandy places? I'd been a merchant seaman before changing jobs, so I decided to go back to sea, only in my own boat this time. Never regretted it, as Nich says you meet all sorts and personally I've found crossing oceans gives a 'buzz' which in a way replaces that which I had grown used to living with prior to retirement.
    If you're concerned about finances,I've found life a lot less expensive abroad and that's without living too spartan, but staying out of expensive marinas and flash resturants etc:I manage on a pension around £900 a month give or take a bit, if that helps, although I'm always single handed so you might have to adjust that. I do all my own maintenance except electronics (which is easy 'cos I've only got GPS [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] ) Without jeopardizing safety you don't need lot's of shiny kit. A lot of boats full of flash comms/water makers/R.E.M.E type electrics never in fact go very far...
    You have done enough to know how to weed out the BS merchants, once you've done that you will find loads of great folk living the life. Get stuck in Mate.

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    Default Re: Forces ex and serving

    Yes, there are lots of us out there although I am taking a year away from it to do a boatbuilding course. Only as an indulgence - not to make a living out of it.

    You will love it. I brought my 46ft steel ketch from Portugal to Lymington last June. As crew I took my cousin - also ex Army. He had never sailed before, threw up for the entire trip, lived on deck on dry bread and fags the whole way, never missed a watch, jumped ashore at Lymington and, after 5 minutes, offered to do the trip again if necessary.

    I could have asked for no more.

    Do it small and do it now. As Pete Goss said - tomorrow is too late.

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    Default Re: Forces ex and serving

    [ QUOTE ]

    (I hope thatís why I will fit in with the cruiser lifestyle) we tend to be quite independent, willing to help others and always happy to just chill have a beer and listen to whatever till help is needed/asked for.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Welcome to the club! Sounds like you're fully qualified based on the above.

    SWMBO not ex forces but comes from long line of forces families. Quite a few of our cruising friends are ex-Raf.

    Hope to meet you in an Anchorage for a beer somewhere. Our stuff can be found by clicking on my sig below then on cruising blog.

    Fair winds
    John Rodriguez Yachts. Cruising & Bluewater Yachts

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    Default Re: Forces ex and serving

    Current and ex-forces are massing across the river from me, at this moment, awaiting the start of this year's Army v Navy Match.

    I am positive that quite a few will be taking to the water before the afternoon is out. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Forces ex and serving

    I am ex andrew too - a long time ago...
    the forces life style will be a great benefit to you, no doubt at all. The independence is the thing that one needs to be happy in this game.
    No worries, you will be delerious.
    Joe n Jayne

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    Default Re: Forces ex and serving

    Welcome. There are quite a few ex Forces hereabouts and from experience, many around the world. The lifestyle seems to attract. I am ex REME, as is CCScott49, another liveaboard around here. You will be in good company if this is what you choose to do. I think it has something to do with the fact that as ex services, you will be an independant thinker, able to make decisions in the heat of the moment and also be able to 'fix' problems as they arise.

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    Default Re: Forces ex and serving

    I have sailed with one skipper who was ex-forces. He was a top bloke. And I would trust him to keep me safe anywhere.

    Im sure you'll have a fantastic time.

    Fair winds. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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