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Thread: Some in Suffolk

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    Default Some in Suffolk


    The Wilford Bridge at Melton, the Maybush at Waldringfield and the Butt and Oyster at Pin Mill are all now owned by the same people; rumour has it that the "best" staff are now at the Butt. All three are overcrowded most of the time. No longer really sailing pubs, perhaps.

    The Ramsholt Arms is pretty good, espescially out of season.

    The real sailing pub on the Deben is the Anchor at Woodbridge. Sound safe food and Greene King.

    Not pubs....

    In a class of its own, the Butley Orford Oysterage restaurant in the square at Orford. Serious seafood.

    For a really good tea shop - the Crabbe Sisters at Aldeburgh.

    Fish and Chips - Aldeburgh or Southwold.

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    Default Another in Suffolk

    Jolly Sailors at Orford. Run by Phil and Jacquie. Well kept beer and excellent food.

    Agree about the Ramsholt Arms, one of my favourite waterside pubs ever!


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    Default Re: and another in Suffolk

    The Victoria and The Fery boat Inn at Felixstowe Ferry.

    I'd rather be sailing... :-) [img]/forums/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    I'd rather be sailing... :-) [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    1. Sorrel Horse Shottisham. Lovely old thatched suffolk pub, good ale and reasonalby priced wholesome food. Proper landlord who, on being told I owned a ketch, said: "I always think two mast turns a mere yacht into a little ship". Have spent a small fortune in his pub since.
    Swan Alderton: Much ther same as above but more new money.
    Both above a good walk from Ramsholt, mostly on footpaths and tracks.
    2.Butley Oyster. A long walk from Butley river but a good alternative to the much lamented Boyton Bell, (deseased). Folk music last Sunday in the month.
    3. Harbourt Inn Southwold. Full of new money but still really salty.

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    we had a mooring at pin mill a couple of years ago and found that after a few visits whilst wearing muddy oilies soon makes you into a regular in the eyes of the staff, and you get treated accordingly.

    try the victory in Ipswich ( very near to neptune marina. they do a blinding pint of broadside straight out of the barrel )

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    I,m based in Ipswich (Neptune) i like the sound of the Ramsholt Arms and the Jolly Sailor, would like info on moorings to get the these pubs.

    Thanks, L.B.

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    There are extensive moorings at Ramsholt run by a mooring co-operative of some sort. However some moorings are vacant when users are away. Unless you pick a weekend when the East Coast Old Boats Assoc. are visiting you can normally get a mooring. George Collins is the Harbour Master and during the season he is either on the quay or on his sailing boat "BRIO" (moored at the end of the quay) and will be very helpfull to boaters who ask for his advice and permision to moor. His mobile No. is 07751 034959 Just be aware the tide can run reasonably fast and it can be very dark when you vacate the pub. A reliable outboard is advisable if returning to your boat in the dark. Don't know about the other pub, not been up that river. Friend has mooring at Ramsholt so have sailed from there loads of times and last year I used his mooring. Very important you get up-to-date info on the Deben bar. PM me if you need more info. Regards Paul

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    Jolly Sailors at Orford. First trick is negotiating the entrance to the Ore so get the upto date chart (avail from most Marinas or Small Craft Deliveries I think it is in Woodbridge). The pick tide time and weather. Apols if I am teaching you how to suck eggs!

    There are swinging moorings off the quay at Orford. Best contact the harbourmaster in advance for availability. Mooring at the Quay itself not really possible although I usually manage to moor the RIB there for a couple of hours. Again very strong tide so a) dinghy with outboard recommended and b) care with amount of Adnams consumed recommended!!

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    Default One to avoid

    The Maybush at Waldringfield. A rip off.

    That's twice running that we have had vile food, grossly overpriced, and objectionably stroppy service. Thought the first time might have been bad lick, so went back before saying anything. What a mistake.

    Our family of 4 were crammed onto a table for two, yet surrounded by freshly laid up tables which were promptly maked "reserved" - and which remained empty all lunchtime. Anything to avoid the effort of laying them up again.

    The food was barely edible, and a reminder of just why English cooking is held in such contempt by foreigners.

    The really embarrassing thing is there is a photo of Mirelle hanging on a pillar just inside the door. Wish I could nick it and transfer it to a pub that deserves it.

    Pds 2.20 for a pint of Adnams ordinary is no bargain either.

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    NB hang onto the mobile phone number above. Towards the end of last season George renewed the dodgers on his boat and it is now nameless!


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