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    Default Re: Engine hours interpretation ?

    Can you tell if the meter was ever disconnected or out of order?

    I would use other criteria to determine its state.

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    Default Re: Kwoyt royt

    The prob with new user amateur engineers is that they forget that this is a boat forum, not a car one. 90% of boat exhausts are water cooled, so steam is generated at any time the engine is running. Ask any Bukh owner - they almost universally steam when running, regardless of the ambient temperature. Moisture that condenses inside crankcases is removed in seconds by the crankcase breather system that draws everything into the inlet manifold. The milkiness that can be observed in engines is mostly generated in the rocker cover. It is very much related to lub-oil formulation and engine design, some being far more prone to it than others.

    Bore glazing is very temperature dependent. Leaving an already hot engine running on tickover is far less harmful than doing the same thing to a cold one.

    Answers to some technical queries at new website

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    Default Re: Where do you lot drive?

    We drive regularly between North London and Petersfield. 75% of the journey is on dual carriageway; 50% derestricted. Black box on car says we average 29.5mph and have for nearly 2 years.

    A pontification from the Panjandrum of orotund bloviation AD2002

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