Last week me, SWMBO and dog (Murphy) went to the Scillies for a week - not with boat however so this post is more by way of a-place-i-want-to-get-to-on-the-boat. As evident from photos we lucked out big time on weather, mostly wall-to-wall blue sky. Before going I was quite surprised in the office about how many people didn't really know where the Scillies were and no-one else had been there. Missus's mum lives in Cornwall a few times so we've been few times on day trips but this was the first time we stayed over. For any who are not familiar it is a group of islands and rocky outcrops (12+ of which 5 inhabited) off the coast of Land's End. I'm sure plenty of you have done it but by mobo it'd be a 1.5 hour run from Penzance or 3 from Falmouth. Seems a favourite spot for yachties it would appear (a few visiting at time), visiting mobo-ers seemed absent but I am sure it picks up in summer hols. Anyhow here some pics:

We stayed on St. Martin's - view of anchorage:

Anchorage on other side of St Martins (you sure this is not St Martins of Caribbean fame?):

Anchorage between St Agnes and The Gugh

Did this guy have copyright of the (Sealine) SC35 name before them?

One happy dog (the water was MUCH colder than it looks):

I looked up the Scillies in whassisname's west country crusing companion - he does make it sound a bit tricky. The weather there can get quite nasty and so getting stuck might be an issue if on a schedule. Anyhow it's defo on my to-visit list.

Cheers Jon