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    Default Breakfast in Bembridge

    Arrived on an early tide at the Duver pontoons ('Duver Marina' now) to find the little shop by the showers now a cafe, & doing full English breakfast at tables under an awning. It was v. good: decent sausages, ditto bacon, top-ups of drinkable coffee and real leaf tea in a pot. Nice people too, very appreciative of a compliment and concerned to be helpful (ie., the better side of the IoW July experience). Also do baguettes, & prepared local crabs and lobsters.

    Cheers, Chris

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    Default Re: Breakfast in Bembridge

    We were there in October, no sign of life from the shop or cafe all weekend, the pontoons were full of potential customers. I hope it was only temporary, or that they are coming back next summer.

    I'd far rather be happy than right.


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