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    Default Autohelm clutch problem

    I have an ST5000+ autohelm that uses the 12V linear drive unit. A couple of times over the weekend when I turned on the autohelm the clutch didnt engage.
    Has anyone experienced anything similar, is there anything I can do to check this out and what does a repair involve?

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    Default Re: Autohelm clutch problem

    Raymarine in Portsmouth will be able to help...I have an AH 5000 linear drive that is knackered and I spoke to them about getting it sorted out, sounded quite helpful, but I havnt as yet taken it in.

    The Raymarine web site will have the addr.

    Regds Nick

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    Default Re: Autohelm clutch problem

    Because it's an Autohelm 5000+ I suspect the linear drive unit is quite old. The gears on the older units were made of plastic whereas the later ones are made of Brass. It's probably worth getting these replaced at the same time.
    Are you sure it is the clutch not working rather than worn out gears that are slipping? To test - remove the linear drive off the rudder mounting. Turn on the Autopilot and extend/retract the drive. If it extends/retracts then clutch ok. Now place your hand on the ram and offer up some resistance. If the unit now makes loud complaining noises and doesn't want to extend/retract it's probably the gears.
    If the ram doesn't extend and doesn't make crunching noises it could be a broken/loose belt.
    Easy to check by dismantling the unit.


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