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    Thinking about doing the Caledonian Canal from Oban (or possibly Tobermory, Mull) to Inverness in a small cruiser. I just wondered if anyone has done this and whether they were able to find fuel (petrol) en route - there seems to be a couple of places at the beginning and at Loch Ness but not much in between. with a bit of messing around I recon my range is approx 25 miles and I don't particularly want to carry any extra fuel.

    Any advice / experiences would be very gratefully recieved!


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    petrol station 150m from bottom of Fort Augustus locks.
    petrol station 2 miles from mooring at Drumnadrochit.
    petrol station 50m from tomnahurich canal bridge, as you arrive at inverness. no marinas with petrol facilities as far as i know in the area. not certain but i think after fort A. i think the next petrol available will be fort william. sorry that was probably not what you wanted to hear?

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    Not fantastic news but very helpful all the same.



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    DMJack is fairly correct
    1. Fort Augustus. At the loch ness side of the locks on the north side of the canal. about 100 yds.
    2. Drumnadrochit. Back into Drum from the marina, The nearest one is on the Cannich road, less than a mile. Please remember that you have to pay to stay in the marina and pay extra if you use the electricity.
    3. Inverness. there is a petrol station at the 1st road bridge about 25 yds from the canal, on the Drumnadrochit side.
    4. Inverness. there is another petrol station at the second road bridge just at the Muirton basin. This is about 300 yards from the canal on the Beauly road.
    I would imagine that you will require to carry some fuel in board to cover from Fort William to Fort Augustus but you may be able to get assistance at Laggan locks or The Great Glen Water Park if you are stuck.
    I had a great sail on loch ness yesterday, the weather was great, I would think that you would enjoy the trip.

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    Default Caledonian canal

    We (self, wife and in-laws) hired a boat to go up and down the canal a bit in 1987 and the things I can remember are:

    Beautiful scenery and good whisky(s)

    It was sunny every day on the boat except one and then it poured down like there was no tomorrow.

    The Carvery at the Drumnadrochit Hotel (next to the 'Monster' exhibition) was dreadful and we ended up walking out hungry after seeing the manager with a plaster on his thumb dipped in the gravy container as he carried out to the counter!!

    The Inchnacardoch Hotel (not sure if the spelling is right) at the bottom of Fort Augustus locks about 1/2 mile from the start of Loch Ness was superb and the people there were as friendly as the previous night's were not (see above).

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the trip and don't worry about the fuel too much as someone will be able to help you out - just ask around when you get there.


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