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    Default Re: Mike Perham & self steering

    I have posted on this a number of times - I had hoped that he would retire, Mike is now heading for the Southern Ocean - in the last three days Seb Josse a very experienced skipper sailing for the BT Team based here in Cowes has suffered the following

    "Josse's BT suffered a severe knockdown which caused structural damage and problems with the rudders. As Seb reported: "For a few minutes I didn't' really know what had happened - if the keel had gone or if it was a wave." As the boat struggled on its side for over a minute that must have felt like an eternity, Seb was uncertain if she would right herself or go completely upside down. His own estimation was that he was held down at least 120 degrees as became self evident as he was effectively standing on the interior roof.

    The sheer weight of the water crashing on to the boat caused untold damage and there is little doubt that in those heinous conditions Seb was incredibly lucky that the boat righted herself relatively quickly with the mast and keel in place and the main structure of the boat sound, albeit with a severely damaged coachroof"

    Seb sailing CV is here

    Compare his experience and his "journey" to the southern Ocean to Mike's. How will Mike cope god forbid he should experience the conditions Seb has just dealt with added to which the auto pilot issues are a example of how bady prepared Total Money is, I know some of the guys who built and prepared BT and saw her at various stages of the build when I compare this to how total money looked at the boatshow and how long it has taken to sort out the issues to date I become very worried for this young man.

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    Default Re: Mike Perham & self steering

    Not to mention all the other casualties in the vendee, not least Yann Eliès and his broken thigh and ribs & Mike Goldings dismasting......
    Its quite interesting reading Sam Davies' bio too- with ref. to the amount of prep work she has done for sailing a well proven boat in the Vendee.

    I suppose the only mitigating factor is that he's not racing.

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    Default Re: Mike Perham & self steering

    I also suspect he will stay much further north of the vendee fleet and therefore in better weather conditions. Still needs to duck down for Cape Horn though.

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    Default Re: Mike Perham & self steering

    Admire him for having a go but I think the choice of boat is madness, especially when he has so little experience of it. The whole enterprise is therefore unseamanlike. But I hope he comes through in one piece.

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    Default Re: Mike Perham & self steering

    I think the boats name of "Totally Money" says it all about this circumnavigation. Talk about pushy parents.

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    Default Re: Mike Perham & self steering

    6d says he wont make it
    I may be wrong but not always

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    Default Re: Mike Perham & self steering

    Here's hoping he lives to tell the tale [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

    More experienced Vendee skippers not having much luck in much better prepared boats. The longer he has the hang about up here, the grimmer it well get down south.

    Time to grow some balls and tell daddy to push off.


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