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    Default Paraffin price hike by BQ

    Having a Taylors cooker running on paraffin I went into BQ the other day to replace my stock. They are charging now £5.96 for 4Litres. Any idears on a cheaper supplier in Surrey or in the Solent.

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    Default Re: Paraffin price hike by BQ

    Can't help you re your area supply of paraffin and not too interested boats but thought readers might like to see the above article re 'paraffin mafia'
    All the best, youngashleaf

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    Default Re: Paraffin price hike by BQ

    i have oil central heating at home, i fitted a tap on pipe to boiler to drain off into jerry cans its cheap at 35p a litre. find out if some you know has oil heating.


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