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    Default Re: Where in Brighton Marina?

    Get as far away from the entrance as you can to avoid the swell. Watch out for the shallows to starboard on the way in at low water [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Where in Brighton Marina?


    This is the closest marina for me and I am sailing with SWMBO and 2 little girls so I am looking for a full tidal access, for open and empty sea, for a place where I can be in 40min for a day sail. I have been sailing last year from Ocean Village in Southampton and for me Solent was a bit too busy (getting out from Southampton with all the traffic is anything but nice) and number of places where you can go for a weekend is also limited. I really enjoy Solent from November to March - peaceful and empty.

    I will try - if it is not good idea I move somewhere else.

    Thanks for help

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    Default Re: Where in Brighton Marina?

    We have been both east and west- east is quieter and the parking was just for berth holders but was sometimes full, and the fishing boats can be smelly; our current berth is right in front of the Karma bar and although we have had one or two noisy evenings we quite like the buzz; although you share parking with the hoi poloi you can always get a space. We only live 5 minutes drive away and are very busy with work and kids etc so we are prepared to put up with the 'nowhere to sail to' problem, We have been lucky enough to have had no security problems, Both our berths have been nearer land than the sea wall- I can imagine swell etc might be a problem nearer the entrance. We didn't exactly choose our berths, but did request one that would suit our prop walk and relatively limited reverse manouvering, and the marina staff seemed to try to take that into consideration.

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