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    Default Are charter companies safe

    Recently chartered in the BVI from a local operator. On taking delivery I noticed the wash boards were missing so I asked for them. I was told that I wouldn't need them and none available. Not happy but set off without them.

    Half way through week realised that 40 knot gusts were not uncommon in the squalls, also read the small print saying that everything lost stolen had to be paid for at exorbitant prices. So I phoned base and insisted that they send me a washboard that locked. A teenage sounding girl told me that '...honestly you don't need them, this is the BVI, its perfectly safe, if you get over powered it means you haven't reefed down...'. I told her that I would sooner go without lifejackets than a washboard, the latter precluding the possible need for the former. She then told me in a condescending manner that it was christmas and we are very busy. End of conversation.

    My view is that if this operator was in UK or US waters they would be closed down on the spot.

    Am I over reacting?

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    Default Re: Are charter companies safe

    No, I dont think so.... Safety attitude in the BVI's is pretty slack... few of the boats seem to have liferafts, and LJ's are pretty rare and innappropriate as well....

    Weather conditions can be more challenging than they let on as well... certainly we have seen 50knt gusts, and fairly substantial conditions, especially going around to the entrance to Gorda sound, or up to Anegada.....

    On the flip side water temperature is 28'c and there is a lot of other boats about... but no one seems to listen to the VHF....

    I think that if your not happy with the gear on a boat, you have the right to get that corrected...

    But its a good idea to check the inventory before booking, and fix any shortcomeing before you depart the base...

    We usually supplement the local boat with our PLB and HH VHF, and we book with the bigger operators who are better kitted out... our favorite is Horizon, who are pretty good and run by brits.

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    Default Re: Are charter companies safe

    Hi Tim,

    I was thining of chartering in the BVI and it sounds like the company you mention are ones to steer clear of. They seem not to have heard of customer empathy and service. If you do not want to name names in public feel free to PM me [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Are charter companies safe

    We had a genoa blow to shreds in the bvi,s Wind came up in minuets and died away in half an hour.


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