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    Default Re: Marina Developer goes bottoms up


    Interesting re Rogers.

    Re second homes, I thought many boats are used as a 'cheap' second home by those lacking the wherewithall to buy secondary bricks and mortar?

    Dredging always seems such an imprecise business, though clearly it works ( for a while)
    And writing of silted riverways,..
    I am one of that elite club. '' The Ferry Stoppers''
    To be fair it was low water springs and I drew 7 foot and was only going in to Lymington to drop off some friends..the ferry sucked up all the water from under me very keel gov and then had to stop and wait until we got a pluck from a mobo...
    Why argue with a nautical wall? I just read the graffiti these days.

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    Default Re: Marina Developer goes bottoms up

    In that case I'm a member of the club too, also seen the (old) ferry run aground at equinoctial LW springs.
    Next time, it'll all be different.

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    Default Re: Marina Developer goes bottoms up

    Nick, I thought that might be your answer [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] By the way are you planning to go to the MOA AGM?
    Work is for people who don't go sailing

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    Default Re: Marina Developer goes bottoms up

    I wonder how many people have cancelled their birthing arrangements this year. I know of several people who are upping anchor and moving. Still, it'll be a bumper summer for the marinas with all our Continental friends coming over to swap their Euros for our third-world-scrip.

    Oakdene's posters for the Newhaven Marina development were fine examples of caveat emptor. They showed a rather pretty tanned lady draped across the bow of some gin palace. Obviously not a local lass, there were no tattoos or nose ring present. And the background sure as hell wasn't Beachy Head, more like some Mediterranean vista.

    "Marina living, modern style". Yeah right; overlooking a desolate industrial wasteland with thousands of tons of scrap metal and the ferry belching black smoke.

    The only thing Oakdene wanted Newhaven Marina for was asset stripping the hard standing, which now has some trendy bunny hutches where once stood yachts in winter. Phase one was all about building on the easy bit. One wonders if Phase 2 and 3 were ever likely to happen. Or put it another way, phase one is where they were to make their money, phase 2+ is what was sold to the (arguably naive) councils purely to get phase one approved.

    Quite where they expected to get the people to buy the 600+ "homes" in the full plan from is a real mystery given the lack of employment in the town. Buy-to-letters renting out to the DSS?

    Oh well, Oakdene's share price has tanked, being some 92% down before trading was suspended, with several hutches are still to be sold... maybe Davy Jones has rightly cursed them for destroying our hard standing.

    The marina will be flogged off as a going concern as the banks try to recoup something. Lets face it, the useless bankers can't even run a bank, so will have no interest in running a marina business.

    But there'll be no new capital investment for a while and Newhaven will look as grotty as ever -- which is what makes it such a good marina town and cheaper than Brighton or Eastbourne.

    And there's still loads of little marine companies in the town still scratching a living, particularly around Denton Island.

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