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    Default Advertising - fact of life

    Advertising is a fact of life in publishing. Without advertising the reader has to pay a shed-load more, a proposition which doesn't work in consumer publishing.
    We get one or two professional journals into the office which are ad-free zones, but the subscription costs are hundreds of pounds a year.
    Get enough advertising and you can give the thing away, like Latitude 38.

    Next time, it'll all be different.

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    Default Re: I thought you were talking March issue?nm

    There is absolutely nothing new in this thread. Since the launch of PBO in Jan 1967 similar comments have been constantly made about the ad/ed ratio. ( I was there).

    YM used to be accused of an East Coast bias but this gradually vanished. As to doom, gloom, death and destruction, it does make more interesting reading than just drifting along in a Force 3 getting a sun-tan!

    Remember one thing. Less adverts mean either higher cover price or fewer editorial pages.

    Journalists on these magazines love their jobs, in many cases more than SWMBO!

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